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Gather round all you clown

Lyndsey wanted me to get around to writing about this.

This summer, Lyndsey and her sister Samantha dragged my brother Gene and I to the Kalamazoo County Fair. Entry prices were kind of .. uhh.. pricey. Like $4 for an adult, and $2 for a child, (adult being people older than 14 years of age). And then $2 for the car (parking fee or some shit).

Lyndsey had discovered earlier that week that the seats in her backseat folded down. So, to save money (we were poor) she and Gene piled in the trunk, and cracked the backseat for some air. We saved $6, woot.

It did, however, prompt cries of "Oh Lyndsey!!!!" "Ohhhhhh Gene!!!" much to my chagrin.

Anyways, she thought it was hilarious or something, so there it is.
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