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I am playing for a better day

Lyndsey and I do child care for a cohousing group, Great Oak every 1st Wednesday and 3rd Monday. They're in the building/planning stages of the construction of the community, so they have business meetings that we do child care for. One of the families with some of the children is moving from a 3000sqft house to a 1300sqft condo at GOCOHO (what a great acronym). So, shes got to get rid of stuff. So we went today and got a nice stereo and a vaccuum cleaner (oh boy!).

Anyway, on the way back, we say this guy walking down the street. He looked like a college student (probably was) and was carrying something in front of him. We didn't see what it was until we were nearly past him. It was a large piece of cardboard with


written on it. If we'd seen it earlier I would've rolled down my window to give a thumbs up or something. What a cool guy.
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