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You're the one who's showers always golden

So I was thinking the other day, as I sat on the commode that, well wait, first things first.

Since I practically live in Lyndsey's dorm, I've made a few changes to my lifestyle to reflect this. Three other women live here, and as such the bathroom is sacred land. I don't want to make my presence known in there, I want to do my business and get out before I'm discovered. So, I've started sitting down to piss. I figure its safer this way. If I stand, I could miss, and then I have no one to shift the blame to like I do at my hosue, and so would have to clean it up myself or be killed in my sleep.

So, I sat down to piss, and I was thinking, the toilet seat is a sexist invention. I don't mean the idea of a seat itself, obviously your rear needs some comfort, but the idea that it should be an adjustable part. Why is there an UP position for the seat? Why isn't it just built in the DOWN position?

Answer: Because men would feel equal to women, and wouldn't think they're cool for standing up to piss. Sexist pigs.
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